Posts » Baby Jon, C and the Infinite Box

by madprops
    Baby Jon and C were real bros
    they did everything together
    they had everything and made sure nobody knew it
    they made this box to contain all their stuff
    it would hold an inifinite amount of objects
    to make sure nobody could open the box C put a note on it
    it asked politely to not open it
    the box was not opened ever since
    Baby Jon had a stroke and had a discussion with some big shot on his dying bed
    it caused a war which brough a lot of nasty things to the world
    it was not the same place anymore
    people started to lie and steal
    one day after Baby Jon's funeral C went to check the box
    the polite request had been ignored
    C was angry for a while
    but he just checked the cameras and identified the culprits
    he was not cool with this new breed of filthy scum
    so he planted a DNA bomb into them and their kids
    it was both a controlled demolition and research for his papers