Posts » Slinky the Raindrop that Couldn't

by madprops
There comes a time for every raindrop to fall
it was now Slinky's turn 
he had promised to be a good drop out in his condensation period
his target was set to a boy's window in a small cottage
he closed his eyes and let go
he opened them and realized he made it
he was finally falling down
all their folks up there made songs about his fall
but Slinky didn't do his homework
he didn't sketch the plane orbits
as he was supposed to
he thought he had it all figured out
as he crashed into a plane's window
he couldn't believe his fate
he refused to open his eyes
as he was being driven into a trance state by the sound of the engines
he had a vision of him playing golf with a lettuce wearing a suit
he was about to beat the lettuce in it's own game
'are you sure you really want to go down that hole?'
he wasn't
he entered a confusion induced loop and evaporated
he was now going up to his mothercloud again
he felt at peace
as he was rising he saw himself on that plane window
he decided he was not going to be beaten like that and went inside his body again
he opened his eyes
he couldn't believe what he saw
it was the same boy who's window he was supposed to fall into