Posts » Agatha the Crystal Pancake

by madprops
It's hard to eat pancakes when they are made of crystal
but you do it because you are startving
you feel the glass cutting the inner parts of your mouth and throat
your friend tries to tell you you are bleeding to death
but you are too stupid to even listen
so you keep chewing and laughing at some crappy mexican talk show
finally you realize you are dying and try to scream for help
but your friends have left you because you are a moron
so you call your mother but you can't talk 
the crystal has cut your vocal chords
you fall to the ground and try rolling out of the room
but a bear stops you and stares at you sympatheticaly
why are you so stupid he asks you
you cough some blood 
he grabs you and takes you to a football match
he drinks some beer and and offers you a hot dog
but you can't accept the offer because you are almost in a comatose state
you get an aneursysm and fall to the ground
the bear looks shocked and starts to cry
everbody in the surrounding area of the stairs stands up and looks at you in shock
the stadium camera focus you as your brain is spilled all over the stairs
some kids play with the remaining of your head 
a helicopter lands on the field
it's your mother
she approaches you and tells you she is ashamed of ever having you
she takes out her pants shits on your corpse and goes back to the helicopter
your bear friend still trying to find some words lets out a painful growl
that bear was a real bro and he misses you
you are now too dead and too stupid to realize that
he dies of a heart attack not due to the circumstances
but of his unhealthy lifestyle and abuse of alcohol
the people on the stairs get bored and return to their seat