Posts » Soy Bean and the Tabasco Plant

by madprops
It was not ok for Soy Bean to think ill of his cousin
but it became aparent it was justified in this case
he had just killed his pet piranha and that was not cool in his books
he decided it was fair enough to sell his cousins' Tabasco plant's soul
he found the closest dealer on the block
not far from the place where he bleeds every morning
it was settled for a couple of VHS tapes and a Lazy Susan
the next morning the world didn't wake up 
apparently the world's flow depended on the plant's happiness
Soy Bean had a brief power trip and decided prompty he should cool things off
after all it was clear the world was not going to be fun again
he had to find that soul dealer
as he prepared to leave the house he slipped 
he expected the fall and closed his eyes but he never touched the ground
it seems that the world's lack of flow had caused some sort of vortex in his living room

he became a crack rock
he could feel all the energy of the world contained in his self
he realized he could wake the all the things up
if only they would listen

he tried hard to make the children smoke crack
he invested in campaings to bring them closer to that sparking light
but the world just shut their doors in his face

he was starting to feel uneasy about the situation
he fired up a rock and went to the moon
he realized everybody smoked crack in there
Soy asked for advice on how to wake his planet up 
they pointed out that the plant's liberation would suffice

he was back in square one
he decided he should just lay down the crack
after two weeks he realized he was just a soy bean 
having a natural reaction to being picked up by a fork to be eaten